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Teething is an important part of every child’s growing-up years. As important as this process is, teething can be quite painful and disturbing, something we as adults can never understand, nor do we remember how it was like during our days. Although this is something that every child has to go through, the irritation and pain can be relieved by a margin if proper care is taken.

Chemist-4-U provides a range of effective products in this niche that help sooth your baby’s teething aches without causing any side-effects on his health. From fast melting Paracetamol tablets to suspension salts and teething gels, all these products provide relief to your child during his teething period. The tablets and salts can be used for other symptoms like fever, stomach ache, headache, etc.

Note: If the symptoms persist, we recommend taking advice from a doctor and a check-up done. Please read instructions before use.

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Showing 11 results