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It is heart-tearing when your little baby sneezes and suffers with cold. Conditions like blocked nose, runny nose and sinus are extremely uncomfortable for babies, and since babies are unable to do something about it, some instant and reliable relief is extremely desirable.

For colds, runny or blocked noses, various cold medications suitable for babies are available. Remedies and medications ranging from nasal spray/drops, inhalers and vapour rubs to provide instant relief and various paediatric medicines for treatment can be used.

Chemist-4-U stock various prescription medicines such as nurofen, calpol, strepsils, olbas and other quick relief remedies such as vapour rub, inhaler and other child medicines. Choose the right one for your baby: cold relief, decongestant, nasal spray, vapour ring to ease the ordeal your child is dealing with.

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