Sodium Cromoglicate

Sodium Cromoglicate Eye Drops

Hay Fever & Allergy Eye Drops


Sodium Cromoglicate eye drops are medicated drops that help to soothe your irritated eyes when you’re suffering from hay fever or allergies.


They’re perfect for those who experience itchy, red, or watery eyes when pollen season kicks in, or if they get too close to pet dander or dust.


These anti-allergic eye drops are designed to prevent allergy symptoms in your eye, which is also known as allergic conjunctivitis, relieving itchy, puffy eyes.


If you need a way to soothe your poor eyes when the long months of hay fever season come around again, sodium cromoglicate can help you to look your best!


Sodium cromoglicate is available in eye drops from popular brands like Optrex and Opticrom, but is also available under its own name, so you can pick up the same amazing ingredient and bag a bargain at the same time!

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    Hayfever Relief Allergy Eye Drops 2% w/v - 10ml (Brand May Vary)
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    Opticrom Hayfever Eye Drops - 10ml
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    Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops - 20 Single Doses (Preservative Free)
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    Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops – 10ml
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    Opticrom Allergy Eye Drops - 5ml
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  7. Optrex Allergy 2% w/v Eye Drops - 10ml (Pack of 3)
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