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What is Niquitin Extra Fresh Mint Gum 2mg?

Niquitin Extra Fresh Mint Gum 4mg is a smoking cessation aid that replaces some of the nicotine your body receives when you smoke cigarettes. It helps to reduce cravings for cigarettes and can help you to resist the urge to smoke. It is a safer way for your body to receive nicotine as the gum doesn’t include the other harmful substances that are found in cigarettes, such as tar and carbon monoxide. Whether you’re looking to gradually cut down your use of cigarettes or quit completely, Niquitin can help you to reach your smoking cessation goals. 


Why is smoking harmful?

There is no such thing as a ‘safe amount of smoking’, even if you only smoke socially or have a small amount of cigarettes everyday. Every cigarette you smoke is harmful to your body and can cause harmful effects on different parts of the body:


When you smoke, the tar in cigarettes leaks poison into your blood which can:

  • Make it thicker, therefore increasing the chances of blood clots

  • Increase your blood pressure and heart rate which can cause your heart to work harder than normal

  • Narrow your arteries, which reduces the amount of oxygen rich blood in your circulatory system

All these issues can increase the chances of a heart attack or stroke



Smoking increases your chances of suffering from stomach cancer or ulcers and can weaken the muscle that controls the lower end of your gullet which allow stomach acid to travel back up your gullet (known as acid reflux) which can cause uncomfortable symptoms like heart burn. 



Smoking decreases the level of oxygen that reaches the skin, which can cause it to age quicker and look dull. Wrinkles around the face can develop prematurely when smoking and it can age the skin between 10 and 20 years. The longer you smoke, the quicker your skin ages, which can eventually leave you with skin that looks sallow, with a yellowish complexion and hollow cheeks, which can make you look unwell. 



Obviously one of the areas that can be affected the worst by smoking is the lungs. Developing a cough, wheezing or asthma are just early complications that can be caused by smoking. Continuing to smoke can cause fatal illnesses like pneumonia, emphysema and lung cancer. Smoking can also be responsible for COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), which is a collection of progressive and debilitating lung diseases, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. Early symptoms of COPD are often dismissed as ‘smokers cough’ but if these symptoms are ignored, the condition will worsen and have a huge negative impact on the smoker’s quality of life. Quitting smoking can slow down the progression of the disease. 


How can Niquitin Gum help you to quit smoking?

Niquitin can be used as a method of  Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), as an alternative source of nicotine to satisfy cravings and prevent the urge to smoke a cigarette. Nicotine is the substance that makes cigarettes addictive, which causes cravings, as your body is used to receiving nicotine on a regular basis, so it will crave nicotine when it is no longer present after you have quit. Niquitin Gum can help by providing a healthier nicotine alternative that satisfies your body’s cravings for nicotine without the harmful toxins, tar and carbon monoxide that is released when you smoke. Even if you’re not planning on quitting straight away, reducing the amount of cigarettes you moke can increase your chances of kicking the habit completely. Using Niquitin gum to replace some of the cigarettes you smoke daily can be a good start or completely replace your daily use of cigarettes for gum if you’re looking to stop smoking completely. 


How to use this product

Niquitin Extra Fresh Mint 2mg Gum is suitable for smokers who smoke after 30 minutes of waking up. Place one piece of gum in your mouth and chew, periodically, for around 30 minutes. Do NOT use more than 15 pieces of gum in a day. 


Quitting Smoking Completely 

Use between 8 and 12 pieces of gum per day and use a piece whenever you have an urge to smoke. Use the gum like this for up to 3 months, then gradually reduce the number of pieces a day. Once you are only using 1 - 2 pieces of gum daily, try to stop using it altogether. 


Cutting down gradually before quitting

You may find it easier to quit by cutting down gradually before stopping. Cut down your cigarette usage gradually over 6 weeks by replacing some of your cravings with gum. As soon as you feel ready to quit completely, follow the instructions for ‘quitting smoking completely’.


Whichever method you decide to use, you may find it beneficial to seek advice from a healthcare professional during your quitting journey or follow a ‘stop smoking behavioural support programme’


Using Niquitin Minis during pregnancy

If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, smoking can be a harmful hindrance, so the earlier you quit smoking, the better. It is best to attempt to give up smoking without relying on NRT when pregnant as it is safer for both the mother and the baby, but if that is too difficult using NRT is safer than continuing to smoke. Start as early in your pregnancy as possible and only use NRT for 2-3 months. NRT gums and lozenges are better to use than patches as you will not be absorbing nicotine into your body all of the time. 




When NOT to use this product

Do NOT use this product if you are allergic to any of the ingredients (see ingredients tab for full list) or if you:

  • Are a non-smoker

  • Are under the age of 12


Seek advice from your GP or a Chemist4U pharmacist BEFORE using this product if you:

  • Are in hospital due to a heart attack, severe heart rhythm disturbances or stroke

  • Have diabetes

  • Have serious liver or kidney problems

  • Have an uncontrolled overactive thyroid gland or an adrenal gland tumour

  • Have stomach or duodenal ulcers or inflammation of the oesophagus

  • Have been told by a doctor that you are intolerant to some sugars

  • Have had allergic reactions that involve swelling of the lips, face and throat or itchy skin rash

  • Are on a low sodium diet


Always read the patient information leaflet before using this product. 


Side Effects

Like all medicines, Niquitin can have side effects. They are similar to those you might experience when smoking cigarettes, but not everybody will experience. Quitting smoking itself can cause some unpleasant symptoms such as:

  • Dizziness 

  • Headache

  • Sleep disturbance 

  • Mouth ulcers


Common side effects you may experience with this product include:

  • Sore/irritated throat

  • More saliva than usual

  • Hiccups

  • Nausea

  • Stomach pains

  • Jaw ache

Speak to a health care professional if you are experiencing any of these side effects whilst taking Nitquitin.


Discontinue use and seek medical advice if you experience troublesome side effects or allergic reaction.


Important Information

This product is a medicine; make sure to speak to your doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist before taking this product if you have an underlying medical problem or are taking any other medicine or complementary therapy. If your symptoms get worse or continue after taking this product, contact us or your doctor. For medical services in your area, please refer to

If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, speak to your doctor or our pharmacist before taking this product. If you suffer from any allergies, ask your doctor or our pharmacist if this medicine is right for you.

Store all medicines out of sight and reach of children.

Please read the included leaflet carefully before using this product.

Please contact your GP if appropriate regarding this product.


Helpful Advice on Medication Restrictions & Addiction

For further information on our medication restrictions policy, please click here.

If you are concerned about addiction to 'over the counter' medication, we urge you to visit the below links for professional help and advice:


  • ive substance is nicotine. Each piece of gum contains 2 mg (in the form of a resin complex called nicotine resinate). 

    The other ingredients are chewing gum base, contains butylated hydroxytoluene (E321), Sorbitol (E420), Xylitol (E967), Calcium Carbonate (E170), Sodium Carbonate anhydrous (E500), Glycerol (E422), Acesulfame Potassium (E950), Sucralose (E995), Talc and Flavours. Coating contains Xylitol (E967), Mannitol (E421), Acacia (E414), Sucralose (E955), Carnauba Wax (E903), Talc and flavours.

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