How Are Fridge Medicines Delivered?

How Are Fridge Medicines Delivered?

When it comes to ordering medication online, one of the most important aspects is of the course the delivery.


Medication can be very sensitive and the last thing you need is for it to be damaged in transit, which causes problems for the person who needs and the seller as well.


For common medication such as tablets, sending them out to be delivered is easy and the chance of damaging them is minimal.


Unfortunately, there is a small chance that a parcel can be lost in the post. But again, that is unlikely to happen in the age of up-to-date tracking.


For other types of medication, they need to be refrigerated in order to be able to be used.


This can cause issues when it comes to delivering it and careful thought is required into how it should be packaged before it is sent out.


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What types of medication require refrigeration?

There are a number of different types of medication that need refrigeration in order for it to be usable.


This includes certain types of eye drops, antibiotic medicines, and gels.


The most common type of medication that requires refrigeration is insulin vials.


Any person who is diabetic and needs to inject themselves will need to ensure that the insulin is kept cool.


This also goes for those who are sending it out.


Another thing that needs mentioning is that every type of medication that needs refrigeration is a prescription only medicine, called a POM, and cannot be purchased from an online pharmacy such as Chemist 4 U.


Of course, Chemist 4 U can be your provider if you have us designated as your EPS (Electronic Prescription Service) provider.


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How are refrigerated medicines sent out?

At Chemist 4 U, we use a service called Woolcool. Woolcool is a service that provides pharmaceutical packaging which is insulated with wool, hence the name Woolcool.


Where does the wool in Woolcool come from?

Where you would expect wool to come from.



How does wool help to keep the medication cool?

Wool is naturally a good insulator, hot or cold. This is why wool is used for clothes because it helps to keep you warm. Just as it can keep something warm, it also keeps something cool, like a drinks flask.


Is ice needed in Woolcool?

Yes, ice is needed to be in Woolcool packaging. However, thanks to its natural insulative properties, not as much is required as in other types of packaging.


The exact amount needed is dependent on the type of medication.


How long will Woolcool keep things cool for?

This depends on the type of packaging used, but it should last for at least 72 hours.


Can Woolcool be reused?

Yes, if it is good condition it can be reused if you wish. It can be used for keeping things cool or warm.


There are probably many uses for it if you use your imagination.


Is Woolcool Recyclable?

If you have decided that you have finished using Woolcool, then you can recycle it.


To do this, separate the wool from the outer packaging, which can also be recycled.


Then, you can compost the wool because it is biodegradable.




How long does it take for Woolcool to degrade?

Within 6-12 months, wherever it has ended up, Woolcool will decompose.


This includes a landfill.


What happens if Woolcool packaging gets wet?

Because of its absorption and insulation properties, the Woolcool packaging will absorb the moisture, keeping the contents of the packaging dry. 



Ensuring that medication that requires refrigeration is kept cool is vital for anyone who needs it.


This is why at Chemist 4 U we use Woolcool to ensure that this is the case.


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