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Special fine-toothed combs provide one of the best ways to detect and remove head lice. As they are such tiny insects, lice can be difficult to spot and remove, even if the head is closely inspected. The teeth of a normal comb are also spaced too far apart to remove anything tiny in the hair. This includes the empty egg cases that lice hatch from, which are called nits and are often visible in the hair.

Unlike a normal comb, special fine-toothed designs work well because their teeth are very close together. This means they’re able to carefully remove lice and nits as they are combed through the hair. The combs also work well with special hair lotions to help relieve an itchy scalp.

Chemist-4-U provides combs and lines with lotions for helping to treat and tackle head lice effectively. Our products can effectively detect and remove lice from different heads of hair, which are ideal if your child is suffering with the infection. Combs with lotions include one that works with a treatment to help relieve an itchy scalp and prevent lice from developing.

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Showing 2 results