Does your child often complain about having an itchy bottom? Is he feeling some discomfort while passing stools? Does he have recurrent pain in his abdomen? Well, these could be the symptoms of the formation and spread of Threadworms. A common worm infection, Threadworm or Enterobius vermicularis are the tiny white worms that attack the gut (intestine). In most cases, children under 10 years of age usually fall prey to this infection. Being contagious, it can spread from the infected child to other members of the family.

Threadworms germinate when eggs are laid by the female worms around a child’s anus. It causes itching and as the child’s scratches his bottom, the eggs transfer onto his finger and through his fingers to his mouth, clothes, beddings, etc. Once the infection goes into the body, the eggs get hatched in the intestine, giving birth to contagious threadworms. Chemist-4-U brings forth an effective treatment to deal with this infection. Just one dosage of Ovex Tablets is enough to kill threadworms lurking in the intestine.

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