Amorolfine for Fungal Nail Infections

Amorolfine Nail Lacquer


Amorolfine is a treatment for fungal nail infections, applied like a nail lacquer to your affected nails, it helps to control and combat your infection.


Amorolfine is applied in just one quick layer once a week, so you can treat your nail infection without any fuss.


You can find amorolfine in popular fungal nail treatments from Curanail and Scholl, which both include swabs and nail files that will help to make your treatment a breeze.


If you have a fungal nail infection on your fingernail or toenail, amorolfine can tackle that nasty fungus and help your nail to grow back looking as healthy as ever.

Curanail 5% Nail Lacquer - 3ml


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Schollmed Once Weekly Fungal Nail Treatment 5% w/v Nail Lacquer - 3ml


Curanail 5% Medicated Nail Laquer - 3ml


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