Ispaghula Husk

Ispaghula Husk Laxatives for Constipation

Ispaghula Husk Granules, Powder, & Sachets


Ispaghula husk is a laxative that helps you to work through your constipation and get you more regular.


You can pick up ispaghula husk granules or powder, available in tubs or handy sachets that contain the right amount to make your ispaghula husk drink.


Drink it down with plenty of water for a gentle laxative that will help you to regain regularity.


You can find ispaghula husk in products from Fybogel and Manevac, in both normal and high fibre formulations, and can take your pick from orange, lemon, and natural flavours.

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  4. FyboGel Hi-Fibre Lemon Sachets - 10 Sachets (Pack of 3)
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  5. FyboGel Hi-Fibre Lemon Sachets - 10 Sachets (Pack of 9)
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    FyboGel Hi-Fibre Orange Sachets - 30 Sachets (3 Pack)
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  7. FyboGel Hi-Fibre Orange Sachets - 10 Sachets (Case of 4)
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  8. FyboGel Hi-Fibre Lemon Sachets - 10 Sachets (Case of 4)
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    Manevac Granules - 400g
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    Manevac Granules - 400g

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  10. Ispaghula Husk Orange – 30 Sachets
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