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Each one of us has been preached by our parents, teachers or dentists about how important it is to brush our teeth daily! But is ‘just brushing’ so effective? A regular toothbrush may not be able to reach every nook and corner of your mouth, leaving food particles stuck in tiny cavities. Well, in order to keep gums and teeth healthy, there are other quick and effective ways that you can try right after brushing. One of them is using flosses and tapes.

Chemist-4-u offers wide assortment of Dental Accessories like Corsodyl Daily Expanding Floss and Corsodyl Daily Gentle Tape designed to get rid of the hidden plaque bacteria in the mouth. The flosses offered by us have compressed fluoride fibres that easily clean the spaces between the teeth. The gentle tapes provide a smooth wax treatment, making gums and teeth fresh and clean.

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