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Pink Electric Toothbrushes

Pink Electric Toothbrushes

If it has got to be pink, it has got to be pink! A range of purple, rose gold, pink accented and pink electric toothbrushes from Oral-B and Soniclean, as well as a selection of replacement toothbrush heads with pink accents or rose gold.

Don't settle for a plain white toothbrush like everyone else. Black is so 2013.

Did you know that someone accidentally using your toothbrush because it looks nearly identical to theirs is the leading cause of people saying "Ew! You used my toothbrush!" and related complaints?

Stand out from the crowd with a distinctive pink electric toothbrush that screams "This isn't your toothbrush. It's pink" to everyone else you share a bathroom shelf with.

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1-24 of 25

Why Do I Need A Pink Electric Toothbrush?

Why Do I Need A Pink Electric Toothbrush?


Why is this even a question? You need a pink electric toothbrush because you know that your heart and soul screams pink!


Why bore yourself with a trek down to the shops for a regular white electric toothbrush when you can upgrade your brushing experience with some vibrant pink vibes?


It’s a no brainer, really, you and your pink electric toothbrush will go together like gin and tonic, like Kimmy K and Kanye, like pineapple and pizza (if you’re into that kind of thing).


Once the two of you are together, you won’t be able to imagine your pink, sparkly life any other way!


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