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Athlete's foot is a fungal infection that can affect the soles of the feet and in between the toes. Symptoms include itchy patches of skin between your toes that are white, patches of red, sore and flaky skin on your feet and skin that may crack and bleed.

Although it isn’t a serious condition it is unlikely to improve without treatment and it is a contagious infection that can spread through walking barefoot. Luckily, treatment is simple and gets to work to ease your symptoms fast!

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Remember, your final treatment will be decided by our prescribers based on your answers provided within your consultation. You will be asked to indicate a preferred treatment option from a selected list after completion of your consult.

What Athlete's Foot treatment can do

Athlete’s foot can be treated with over-the-counter medicines, however, if your symptoms are not improving there is medication available on prescription that can help to clear the infection.

For example, as well as the usual antifungal creams, your doctor may recommend a steroid cream to help reduce inflammation and itching until your infection has cleared up.

Another common prescription treatment is antifungal tablets, which help your body to fight the infection from the inside out by killing the fungi that cause athlete's foot.

When treatments like these are combined, they provide a highly effective two-pronged approach that combats the infection and eases symptoms at the same time.

Prescription athlete’s foot treatment isn’t suitable for everyone, but if you fill out our quick questionnaire, our prescribers will be able to recommend the best solution for you.

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