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Lost a filling and can’t get in to see your dentist? Don’t worry! You can use a temporary filling to relieve your pain in the meantime.read moreSee less

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    Dentemp Loose Cap and Lost Filling Repair Kit
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    Dentemp Custom Repair Lost Tooth Fillings & Loose Caps Kit
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    DenTek Temp Max Hold Tooth Repair Kit
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There isn’t a fixed time frame for how long your temporary filling should last, but for the majority of people, a temporary filling should stay in place for around 6-8 weeks. After this time, it will gradually break and fall out.

It all depends on the brand of temporary filling you buy, but it typically takes around 60 minutes to set. You should wait until after this time before eating or drinking to ensure that the filling doesn’t shift.

You should use a temporary filling to replace a broken filling or to keep a loose cap or crown in place. A temporary filling can stick caps or crowns in place and be applied to your tooth to fill the gap left by a lost filling until you can see your dentist for a more permanent solution.

When you lose a filling or your filling is broken, it can cause toothache. To relieve your discomfort, a temporary filling is the ideal solution to prevent food from entering the cavity that can aggravate your tooth.