Are you ready for CBD to transform your wellness routine? There’s been a surge of interest in CBD, so, if you’re looking to give it a go yourself or you’re merely curious about the hype, you’ve come to the right place.

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What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, a natural, active compound found in hemp plants.


Research is still underway to discover the potential benefits of CBD, but experts believe they’re connected to the human endocannabinoid system (ECS).


The ECS is a built-in system in our bodies that’s thought to be responsible for sending signals between cells to maintain balance.


Additionally, research suggests this system could affect your appetite, pain response, metabolism, motor coordination and stress levels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a safe and natural compound extracted from the hemp plant.


It’s just one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the plant, with CBD rapidly becoming the most popular.


This is because it’s thought to promote many wellness benefits, without any nasty, intoxicating effects found in its sibling compound THC.

Start by shaking the bottle and measure 0.5 - 1ml by squeezing the pipette.


Drop the oil underneath your tongue and hold it there for 90 seconds.


After, swallow the remaining oil and get ready to feel good.


The same method applies whether you’re taking your CBD oil during the day or at night.

If you’re a CBD first-timer, your goal should be finding the right dosage that works for you.


Start with one measurement of 10mg of CBD oil per day, and apply the drops one to three times, depending on what you’d like to achieve.


You should start low and go slow for three days to see the effects, and if you’d like to increase the dosage, double it and try it again for three days.

The big difference between them is that THC causes a ‘high’ feeling or psychoactive effect, whereas CBD is known for its potential health benefits.


Marijuana and hemp are both members of the cannabis plant family, but the ratio of chemicals inside them differs.


Marijuana contains a very high amount of the THC compound, the illegal substance that causes people to become ‘high’ and a small amount of CBD.


Hemp is the opposite, containing a very high concentration of CBD and a low amount of THC.


Legally, CBD products must be derived from an industrial hemp strain to ensure that the THC amount is not over 0.2%.

There’s still ongoing research to discover any interactions between certain medications and CBD, but there is one helpful tip to see if CBD is safe for you to use - keep your eyes peeled for the grapefruit warning.


This is because some of the chemicals in grapefruit act in a similar way to CBD, so while research is ongoing, it’s best to be on the safe side.


If you consume grapefruit while on a type of medication that discourages it, it may increase the concentration of the medication in your bloodstream, leading to severe side effects or even an overdose.


Grapefruit warnings are common, so it’s important to check the information leaflet in your medications or speak to your doctor before taking CBD.

Putting CBD under your tongue is known as the sublingual method.


It’s the best and easiest way to take CBD oil, and you should hold the oil for 90 seconds to allow complete absorption.


This helps your body absorb CBD more effectively as it directly enters your bloodstream, bypassing digestion to ensure you’re getting the most out of each application.