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Med-Easy TM is a liquid swallowing aid that helps makes swallowing tablets, capsules and other solid dosage forms easier.

Med-Easy TM us a liquid swallowing aid that helps make swallowing tablets. capsules and other solid dosage forms easier for those who have difficulty swallowing medication.

With a light texture and a cherry flavour, Med-Easy TM Liquid Swallowing Aid covers up the bad taste of medicines and has no medicinal after taste.

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How to use Med-Easy TM Liquid Swallowing Aid

Med-Easy TM Liquid Swallowing Aid is formulated using only safe and well-tolerated ingredients and is compatible with a wide range of medicines. Med-Easy TM Liquid Swallowing Aid is a Class 1 Medical Device.
Step 1
Place the medication on a spoon.
Step 2
Add Med-Easy TM Liquid Swallowing Aid onto the spoon to cover the medication (10ml Med-Easy TM = 1 dose)
Step 3
Take the medication and finish by drinking water *

*Finish by drinking water if this is recommended in the patient information leaflet of your medication.
Med-Easy Liquid Swallowing Aid - 500ml
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Med-Easy TM?

Med-Easy is a liquid swallowing aid that can help you to swallow your solid medication. It makes it easy for you to swallow tablets, pills, or capsules, so you don’t have to worry about missing important medication if you struggle to swallow. It has a light texture and delicious cherry flavour that will cover up the bad taste of medicines, making them easier to swallow whenever you need them.

Who should use Med-Easy TM?

How common is dysphagia, or difficulty swallowing?

Where can I Buy Med-Easy TM?

You can buy Med-Easy directly from us at Chemist 4 U! We’ve got Med-Easy in stock and ready for delivery right now!

How does Med-Easy TM work?

Swallowing Difficulties

Although swallowing comes naturally to most, people of all ages can have difficulties and this can be exacerbated when taking solid dose medication. Those with swallowing difficulties may resort to chewing, crushing or splitting their tablets or capsules which should be avoided. A person with difficulty swallowing solid does medication may include:

A person suffering from illness or a medical problem such as a stroke, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer of any other condition which may result in difficulty swallowing.
Children or young adults
Children or young adults transitioning from children's liquid medication to solid dose tablets or capsules.
Those undertaking medication or treatment which results in a dry mouth
Pill Anxiety
Those with general pill anxiety and an aversion to swallowing solid dosage forms.
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