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Manscape is Available from Chemist-4-U

Designed for the man that cares about his appearance, Manscape, is a new range of male grooming products. The range includes traditional body waxing strips, eyebrow shapers and a hair removal cream that cover a range of manscaping needs.

With a specifically designed bladeless razor, the hair removal cream is not only formulated for use on thick, coarse hair, but is also a painless solution to excess body hair. This makes Manscape a fantastic alternative to using a regular razor and shaving foam as a part of your male grooming regime.

Unlike other manscaping and male grooming products, Manscape continues to feature wax strips as the cream is not suitable for use on sensitive areas. The strips contain Aloe extract to help soothe skin and limit any irritation caused by removing the strips. The size of the strips assists with the removal of hair from large areas of the body and can be used multiple times in a single session.

When it comes to male grooming, your face is the most important part. This is where the eyebrow shapers come in. Their pre-cut design gives the user the confidence that their eyebrows will match and the shapers will not be wasted by careless cutting.

Who is it for?

Perfect for men that want to maintain their appearance, as well as those requiring the occasional tidy up. Manscape is a brand that is designed for every man wanting to remove unsightly body hair without the risk of nicks or rashes from traditional, more time consuming, male hair removal methods.

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Showing 3 results