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A popular brand from Probiotec, Celebrity Slim is a nutritional meal replacement program, dedicated solely for those who are looking to reduce their weight in a healthy manner. The Probiotec brand is not only the manufacturer but marketer and distributor of a range of prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, complementary medicines and specialty ingredients. The Celebrity Slim brand is a newer addition to the Probiotec company and is readily available with grocers, retailers, pharmacies, wholesalers and online markets.

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Celebrity Slim Products Available From Chemist 4 U

The primary concept behind the Celebrity Slim program is that of providing an easy and reliable meal replacement program which would benefit every individual seeking for weight loss and maintaining the slim figure. The meal replacement program is quite versatile, allowing the participants to select their meal plans in a simple way. With the Celebrity Slim program, participants can replace two meals of the day with Celebrity Slim meal replacements and get a varied choice from shakes, bars, soups or healthy smoothies to choose from. They can also select their own snacks and healthy meals for the entire day. The Celebrity Slim program also maintains a plan where the participants keep themselves hydrated for healthy metabolism.

This meal replacement program includes a customized set of healthy and delicious food items which are high on proteins and nutrients. The weight loss diet food of the Celebrity Slim program is specifically designed for people above the age of 16 years and contains natural ingredients.

The essential three phases of the program are a Rapid phase, Trim phase and Maintaining phase which works simultaneously by enhancing the metabolism to burn more calories and regulating the intake of carbohydrates and complete energy which is usually present in food.

The assorted range of products included in this brand consists of dairy-free shakes, starter packs of smoothies, soups, meal bars, health drinks, snack bars and healthy recipes.

Celebrity Slim
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