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Tea Tree Oil for Acne and Skin Care

Tea Tree Oil for Acne and Skin Care

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree oil is an essential oil, but it may be used for much more than just making your home smell lovely!

Tea tree oil is a traditionally used herbal remedy that’s believed to have lots of different everyday uses.

It’s beloved for the soothing properties which may help to reduce the appearance of spots and acne, and is popular with those looking for natural skin care products.

It can be bought in its undiluted form or as an ingredient in skin and hair care products, so you can choose whether to use it undiluted, or as part of a product that may offer other soothing properties.

Tea tree oil is perfect for those who love natural, traditional used herbal remedies.

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Showing 18 results

What is Tea Tree Oil Used For?

What is Tea Tree Oil Used For?

Tea tree oil is used as a traditional remedy with many different uses.

One of the most popular uses of tea tree oil is as an herbal remedy for spots or mild acne, as it may reduce their severity when applied regularly.

Others use tea tree oil as an herbal remedy for dandruff, using tea tree shampoos to soothe their itchy, flaky scalp.

Some also believe that tea tree oil can be used to repel lice, including head lice, or could be used to protect swimmer’s ear after spending time in the pool.

Some people even use tea tree oil as a mouth wash, believing that gargling it will work as an herbal remedy to ease bad breath and gingivitis.



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