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If you want your hair removal routine to be quick, easy, and efficient, then waxing strips are what you need. Men’s wax strips are designed to be used on all of your coarse, thick, male hair, removing it quickly and lasting for longer than shaving. Perfect for the man who wants to look good and save time.

Where can I use waxing strips?

Mens wax strips can be used on all of your unwanted body hair, including your back, chest, arms, and even your eyebrows. You can buy different shapes and sizes of wax strips, so you’ll be able to find the perfect waxing kit that will help you to get rid of that body hair.

How to use wax strips

To use your wax strips, simply warm them between your hands and then place them over the hair you want to remove. Smooth the strip down and quickly pull it back, removing the hair as you go. You’ll be left with smooth skin that will remain hair free for longer than if you were just shaving.

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Showing 1 results