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Are you sick of shaving with the same old boring razor that you probably should have updated a while ago? It’s time for you to pick yourself up a brand-new razor and give your shaving routine a makeover. Here at Chemist 4 U, we have lots of razors and blades from popular brands like Gillette Venus and Wilkinson Sword, which will work with you to give you the smoothest shave of your life. Say goodbye to your boring old razor, because you’re about to find a new best friend.

Sensitive Skin? Aloe Vera To The Rescue

The kind of razor you choose is entirely up to you and what suits your lifestyle. If you have sensitive skin, we have a selection of women's razors that feature strips with Aloe vera and Hypoallergenic moisturizing serums that can cool and soothe the skin as you shave. You could choose a disposable razor, that you can throw away and replace with a new one as soon as it stops giving you the close shave you need. Alternatively, you could pick up a classic razor with replaceable blades, these give you the option of choosing a razor with 3, 4, or even 5 blades, which will make your shave better than ever. And instead of throwing the whole razor away when the blades get dull, just snap on a new cartridge and you’re ready to go! It’s as easy as that!

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