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Hair removal cream is the perfect solution to stubborn body hair for those who don’t want to wax and are sick and tired of shaving. You don’t need a razor and there’s no pain involved, making depilatory cream the perfect choice for those who want to try a different, easy way of getting rid of their unwanted body hair.

How do you use hair removal cream?

Hair removal cream is really simple to use, just apply the cream to the area of hair that you want to remove and wait. As you sit answering your texts or catching up on your favourite TV show, hair removal cream softens the keratin proteins in your hair, making the hair much easier to remove. Just lift it away with the razor-free shaver and rinse for smooth, soft skin.

What if I don’t want to remove my unwanted hair?

If you’d like to keep your unwanted hair where it is, but just want it to look a little less noticeable, you can try a hair lightener. These facial hair bleaching creams lighten even the darkest facial hair, making it less noticeable without having to resort to shaving, waxing, or plucking.

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Showing 9 results